Welcome to the Town of Wolfville

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada: Wolfville is located in the Annapolis Valley, Kings County. The 2006 Census report Wolfville's population to be 3772. Wolfville's population doubles to over 7000 eight months of the year with the presence of Acadia University's student population. It is a special place where rich, rolling farmland meets the mighty Bay of Fundy, where gracious towns and villages with centuries of history and cultural diversity lie nestled along one of Canada's most abundant fruit-growing valleys. Kings County offers an affordable, enjoyable lifestyle, an agreeable climate, a stable economy and a safe, secure environment. There's Acadia University, restaurants, shops, farm markets and galleries of renowned artists and artisans. You'll also find great golf and endless, year round sport and recreational activities for people of all ages. Wolfville had fabulous farm markets, music and theatre, Grand Pré National Historic Site of Acadian culture, not to mention the 'world's highest' tides in the Minas Basin filling up our 'world's smallest' harbor. For more information visit the Wolfville's homepage.