Mandatory Travel Insurance

Acadia International has a partnership with Backpack to provide industry leading travel insurance to our outbound community. It is mandatory for students, staff, and faculty to opt-in & purchase Backpack via Acadia’s group policy when travelling abroad on university endorsed global learning initiatives.

Backpack provides 24/7 emergency assistance, health care services, risk management, and crisis response services for all outbound travellers before, during, and after their time abroad.

Learn what to expect of your travel coverage by viewing Backpack’s orientation video:


What's Inside?
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Travel Coverage

Emergency Assistance

Multilingual Counselling

Global Threat Alerts & Check-In



Virtual Doctors

Vaccine Program


Cultural Diversity

Please contact Tanya Comeau (, Acadia’s Student VIP Administrator, if you have any questions or concerns before departure.


Note: Only students, staff, and faculty who have received approval from Acadia University, with sign off from the Global Learning Office, for their planned international learning experience and met the pre-departure requirements will be able to purchase Backpack insurance.