Course Information

NOTE: If a detailed course syllabus is required please contact the department secretary directly.  Their contact information can be found on the respective departmental websites by clicking on the corresponding degree program on the "Undergraduate Programs" site ( and then selecting the "Visit Department" link on the right of the program page.

Course Registration Information

IMPORTANT: Exchange students DO NOT register for courses online through the Registrar's website.  Instead follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Visit the Course Timetable on the Registrar's website to determine which courses are available and when they are offered. Under "Main Search" select your desired "Session", "Faculty", and "Discipline".  If you wish to search for courses in a specific semester, make your selection under "Semester" in the "Advanced Search" section. You can view the course description by clicking on the course number.

Step 2: Record the "Course", "Section", and "Title" of each course for which you want to register.  Make sure that the courses you have selected are available in the semester in which you are attending and are offered at different times from one another.

Step 3: Email the "Course", "Section", and "Title" information to Shawna Singleton in the Registrar's Office at Please include your 9-digit Acadia Student number (e.g. 100######) in all correspondence.

Step 4: Expect an email from the Registrar that will confirm that you are registered for your selected courses.