Study Abroad Checklist

You will need to carry the following with you:

 Four current passport sized photos (at a minimum)

 Visa (if required)

 Letter of Acceptance from host institution

 Letter from Acadia University indicating you are on exchange (if applicable)

 Power of Attorney

 Proof of sufficient funds

 Proof of health insurance

 Medical certificate (if required)

 Any important medical information

 Proof of immunizations

 International Student Card (available at any Travel Cuts office) or see the International Advisor at Acadia for the forms.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the travel card designed especially for students. You may save money on travel, accommodation, sports rentals, and admissions to museums and cultural attractions. The ISIC World Travel Handbook, available free with an ISIC, provides discount information on more than 90 countries. For more information visit:

 Driver’s license

 The emergency contact card provided by Acadia University

Other things you will need to bring:

 A domestic phone card in case you have to make an emergency phone call.

 A list of addresses from home (E-mail and street addresses).

 Contact info for Acadia University, Registrar’s Office, International Student Advisor, and the host university campus contacts.

 A record of your credit and debit cards numbers and the phone number to call in case of loss or theft. Keep this information separate from your cards.

 Travelers cheques in the exchange country currency or in US $ dollars. Keep a separate record of the serial numbers in case of loss or theft.

 A small amount of the local currency for transportation or food.

 Emergency fund (we suggest $200 minimum)

 Prescriptions and a letter from your doctor

 A medic alert bracelet if you have allergies.

 First-aid kit

 A copy of your eyeglass prescription and an extra pair of glasses or contacts.

 One set of formal clothing

 Guide books and language books

 Canadian goods for gifts (Maple syrup, T-shirts, pens, etc.)